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Influence Crew and Asteroid ranking with supporting analysis of features and their relationship to the game mechanics.



Tyrell-Yutani Industries

A Corporate & Industrial Logistics HUB for the blockchain game INFLUENCE.

Our goal is to provide tools and services to explore, compare, manage, and maximise the potential of player-owned assets.

Crew Services

  • Crew rarity/ratings (Owned & Global)
  • Department breakdown
  • Crew assignment interactive map
  • Crew avatar download

Asteroid Services

  • Asteroid rarity/ratings (Owned & Global)
  • Sunburst Adalia explorer
  • Spectral type element comparisons

System map

An interactive map of the 800 largest asteroids within Adalia.

  • Source & Target asteroid selection.
  • Switchable exaggerated relative radius.
  • Time speed and navigation.
  • Coastin Cartographic Society overlays.
  • Scalable view with asteroid location following.
  • Overlays with Names, ID's, and element footprints.
  • Distance over time profile for a range of time spans.

The bottom section shows the distance over time for the selected asteroids. Ranging from now until an adjustable time in the future. Compare weeks, months, and years to explore the rhythm of Adalia.

Blockchain Services

  • Browse and filter all blockchain events


Support via discord link in Associate Lounge.


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